Sai Farm Fresh Resort Farm House

Sukriti Sai Farm Fresh has developed the best apartments in the Mohanlalganj region of Bangalore. This project has the availability of premium apartments that are still in the under-construction stage. This is a designed residential area with the facility of 24-hour power back up, gym, clubhouse, and much more. All required necessities like school, hospital, park, restaurant, bank, petrol pump, ATM, office complex, railway station, metro station, playschool, the school for higher education, bus station etc are available in the neighbourhood. The total number of apartments which is offered by this project is plenty. The price of the apartments is based on the request value.

यह फार्म हाउस लखनऊ के किसी भी फार्म हाउस से अच्छा क्यों है ?

1) यहीं एक मात्र फार्म हाउस है जो Approved hai

2) ICiCi aur Corporation bank se Approved bhee hai

3) 80-90% Loan Ki सुविधा भी है

4) शहर के अंदर है

5) SGPGi से मात्र 6 km per hai …

6) 400 Mt per outer ring ka kama chal raha hai

7) koi farm house maintains nahi kar paya hai … यहां आपको अपना फार्म हाउस maintain नहीं करना है

8) 24 hr बिजली की सुविधा है

9) 7 ft ki Boundary Wall se घिरा 56 cottages ka campus hai

10) aapke Cottage mein भिंडी/ टमाटर/ लौंकी / मिर्च / मूली/ तुरई/ फूल गोभी / बैगन …यह सब लग चुका है

11)कैंपस में 2000 से ज्यादा पेड़ लग गए हैं

2 /3 साल में यहां Cottage se Bade bade पेड़ हो जायेगे …

12) यह पेड़ last 4 saal se develop kiye Gaye hain.

13) ऐसा कोई दूसरा प्रोजेक्ट लखनऊ में नहीं है

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